Get on your horse and dive into the best of the adventures in Uphill Rush 9! Wild West is calling you, and you can’t deny the will to take part in this bewildering experience. Now, get ready and toughen up because there’s a long way before you!

You are in the wild west experiencing your country life dream. But it is not always roses in this world. You will see twenty spots in this exciting village. At all these spots, you will need to overcome challenges of certain levels of difficulties. You are not solely alone in these challenges, though. You have your best friend, your horse with you. It will help you get through all the roads with wind speed. So, your aim is to collect all the coins and other collectibles through the road at each level as fast as you can. When you reach level twenty, you will have completed the adventure successfully. Let’s see if you can manage to be a wild Westerner and get through all the spots to reach your target!

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Agame developed Uphill Rush 9.

Release Date

February 22, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Customizable vehicle and horses

• 20 levels

• Exciting roadmap to drive through

• Vehicles and horses to unlock


You can use the arrow keys to rotate your vehicles or horses.