Do you hearing the cheering of the crowd in the extreme racing game Uphill Rush? They are excited to see you. With your racing helmet on your head and confident look in your eyes, you are sure to become the most popular racer in the competition! Excitement and extreme trials are waiting for you in this racing game. Can you complete all the levels and master every vehicle? If your answer is yes, then you should prove it!

Uphill Race is a racing game that allows you to control not just one but many vehicle types, from motorbikes to monster trucks. Each vehicle type has its own set of levels and challenges. There are 3 difficulty settings but when you first start, only easy mode will be available. You can unlock new difficulty settings step by step as you beat the various levels and prove yourself worthy of greater challenges! No one said things would be easy though! Go out there and participate in the race! To control your vehicle, use the arrow keys. The up arrow key is for accelerating while the down arrow is for reversing. When you jump from a hill and find yourself soaring through the boundless blue sky, you can use the right and left arrow keys to lean backward or forward and to keep your balance or perform tricks. Time your tricks carefully because gravity won't forget to pull you down to the ground. Landing on your face will end your dreams of fame quite early. The racing track is not a smooth path, so get ready for challenging land formations like steep hills and large gaps. Keep that wide smile up and prepare your victory speech as you master every track in Uphill Rush.

Oh, how we love extreme sports! Do you share our love for such challenging games? If your answer is an enthusiastic "YES" then head over to our collection of car games and racing games. And don't forget to try Uphill Rush 2, Uphill Rush 6 and Uphill Rush 7


  • 5 different cups to compete for
  • Variety of vehicles to play with
  • Intuitive controls
  • Leaderboard


Use the arrow keys to control your vehicle. Use SPACE to jump, the M key to toggle the mini-map, the P key to pause the game, and the Z key to use the turbo engine.