In Uphill Bus Simulator, get ready to be the best bus driver ever! Whether you have tried driving a bus or it is a new concept for you, this simulation game is the most realistic experience possible! Pick up the passengers and take them to the next station safe and sound. Can you do that?

Could you imagine you would be driving a big big bus rather than sitting on your chair and staring at the screen right now? Well, you don't have to imagine such a thing anymore! Thanks to this fun simulation game, you will feel like you are sitting on the seat with your safety belt seated and looking at the map to check the stop points. But as in most fun games, you have an objective to achieve. You should take the passengers or drop them at the next station safely to pass the levels. Use your keyboard arrows to move and press on the "C" key to change the camera view so that you can see the road from the driver's eyes! On the left side of the game screen, you can check the map to see the direction. The green light symbolizes the station where you should be heading to. You can select the game modes as classic, time challenge, and free roam. Good luck and have fun driving!

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JulGames developed this game.

Release Date

June 12, 2019


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Bus driving simulation game
  • 3 different game modes to choose
  • Various busses to drive


Use the keyboard arrows to move around. Press on the "C" key to change the camera view.