Ready your eye patches and wooden legs; we are going on an adventure with Treasures of the Sea! Your crew needs help looting crucial items for your journey, and you are the best candidate to collect them! Match the items on the table, make move combos, and get all your needs on the ship!

Forget all you know about pirates and their stories; in this game, you can become one! Just bring your heart and puzzle-solving skills on board, and your crew will cover up the rest for you. We share the work here, as you would on any other ship, and you get the loots. Don't expect it to be easy; matching the items on the table within the move limit can become the worst nightmare of even the mightiest warriors of the sea. Hold an item on the table and move it one way, horizontally or vertically, to make a move. You must align at least three identical items to collect them, but do not let numbers limit you; you can match four or even five at once! Unlock and use the special power-ups to pass the most challenging levels, and see where this ship takes you!

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Filgame developed Treasures of the Sea.

Release Date

April 7, 2023


  • Nice and colorful graphics
  • Unlockable boosters
  • Fun pirate theme
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.