In Kings of Blow, you better take this game seriously because things are about to get real! A fear-factor type of game is here and everyone is waiting for you to show how brave you are. Now, prepare your lungs for the longest breath of your life to win this game!

This is a very unique and weird 3D game. You and your rival will be sitting on two chairs that oppose each other. There will be a tube between you two in which you can blow from both ends. The most important part in this setting is that there will be something disgusting like a piece of filth or a tarantula in the middle of this tube. Now, you need to click on the blow button to blow air in this tube to let the object move towards your rival’s side. When you are out of breath, you should quickly inhale and go on blowing again. Keep an eye on the lung drawing for your remaining air and try not to swallow anything disgusting!

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Developer developed Kings of Blow.

Release Date

March 16, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Unique and fun game experience

Addictive gameplay


Left-click on the blow and inhale buttons on the screen.