Challenge your arcade skills in Tomb of the Mask Neon! It is vintage, it is a classic, and it is fun. This game is all about giving the video game fans whatever they want. Full of labyrinths, neon graphics, and maze levels, you can challenge yourself for 25 levels. Now, let's see how fast you will complete the whole game!

In this arcade game, you are expected to go through a series of maze-based levels where you will be collecting stars and coins. In these labyrinths, there will be some obstacles, too. For example, you should stay away from the blue neon platforms that occasionally show their sharp edges or the green neon sides that take you out of the maze. Other than these kinds of hazardous obstacles, you will be safe. This means, when you push your character forward, you will go as far as you can until you hit a wall or an obstacle. To pass to the next level, you should complete all the little dots lined up in the labyrinth, too. Also, you will see a special level if you can complete all 24 levels. Do you think you can manage to unlock that level?

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Developer developed Tomb of the Mask Neon.

Release Date

December 16, 2021


• Vintage-looking colorful graphics

• 25 levels ending with a special level

• Easy and fun controls

• Funky videogame music


You can use the arrow keys to control the character.