With the theft of powerful gems, the galaxy is in turmoil. The evil empire is claiming dominance over the galaxy, and you’re our only hope in the amazing game Tiny Alien. Don't let your size make you think that you can't change anything! Jump through the many amazing levels and avoid the traps. Escape from the merciless soldiers of the evil empire to put an end to this madness. Take the gems back and bring peace to the galaxy once again. Can you survive the destructive empire when you infiltrate its base?

Tiny Alien is an addictive game featuring many science-fiction elements. It’s set in space, so expect everything from mean aliens to laser cannons and high-tech gadgets. As the player, your objective is to complete each level by jumping across the various dangers. The vastness of outer space will make anyone feel lonely and small, but you’re not alone while you’re on this journey! A companion will help the tiny alien defeat the enemies you encounter in the many levels of this game. Your buddy will try to shoot your enemies before they get to you. You can control your little green alien by using your arrow keys, or by clicking on the side of the screen. While moving through the levels, you should watch out for deadly gaps and other threat such as gun turrets. Your main objective in the game is to travel as far as you can without dying. If you fall into one of the gaps or get shot by the enemy, you’ll die. Each enemy you kill will drop coins. You can collect and spend these on new upgrades or even changing your alien’s appearance. Can you save the galaxy?

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A Small Game developed Tiny Alien

Release Date



  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Cute character, Tiny Alien
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different upgrades and unlocks


Use your mouse or the arrow keys to move the Tiny Alien around the map.