Get ready for some action because Rider is all about thrilling stunts and dangerous jumps! Don your helmet and take control of your bike! Ride along the tracks and perform stunts by flipping, jumping, and more! You won’t be tricked into crashing into traps! Avoid them masterfully and show those skeptics that you are the best biker in the world! Your presence even makes the road glow with excitement! Start the engine and let the roar of your bike fill the air!

Welcome to the never-ending world of the Rider! Here you won’t find other vehicles that block your way or pedestrians who love to shake their fists at your driving. In this world, you are free to perform amazing stunts as you please. Despite this freedom, there are still some things you have to be careful about. Reaching the sky and feeling as free as an eagle is an amazing experience, but gravity is there to pull you back to the ground. And if you land on your head instead of your wheels, you will die. Another point you should be aware of is the traps scattered around the world. Buzzsaws are just one example of how your thrilling ride could end with a horrible finale. As the rider, your primary objective is to score as many points as you can by performing stunts such as flips, jumps, and other extreme moves. You can unlock up to 16 different bikes. But first, you must prove that you deserve a new and improved rig. Collect the diamonds you see scattered around the world to buy yourself a new bike. A biker’s garage is their trophy room. Do you have what it takes to unlock and collect all the bikes?

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Release Date

February 16, 2018


  • 16 different bikes to unlock
  • Exciting stunts
  • Nice graphics
  • Addictive gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.