Work your way with icons in Tile Matching! Get settled to play around with some tasty blocks. You will be taken on a puzzle journey to clear all the blocks. So, now focus on what you have at hand and try your best to complete the levels!

Here, you will be playing an alternative type of mahjong game. You can see many tiles on the table before you. All the tastiest food icons are imprinted on a group of tiles and situated in different kind of shapes on the table. Your aim is to click on the same icons quickly to get them side by side on the area separated for them below. When you get three of the same tiles down on the empty place, you will see them disappear. This way, you can clear all the tiles off the table. You can always shuffle the places of the tiles or undo your last move. Now, try your best to complete all the levels and achieve your tasks within the given time!

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RedFoc developed Tile Matching.

Release Date

May 04, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Calming puzzle

• Intuitive skills

• Shuffle and undo options


You can click left on the blocks to pair them.