In the Amazing Run, get ready for running around in a 3D world filled with various obstacles! Can you make it to the flag through the challenging traps before other players become victorious? Keep your eyes on the track, and watch your step. It's a long way down.

When you press the start button, you'll find yourself on a platform which has lots of different obstacles located on it. The game's objective is to reach the flag at the end of the road by dodging and jumping over the obstacles you'll see along the way. This is a multiplayer game, so you'll be facing other players too! Your way is very narrow, and you should pay attention while moving around. You can use the WASD keys to walk, press the SPACE BAR to jump, and use the K key to kill your character. On the way, you'll see checkpoints that you can activate. When you die, you can respawn at these places. See that glowing green block? They are poisonous! Touching one would rapidly drain your health, so do whatever you must to avoid them. At the top of the screen, you can see your health meter. Having trouble? Keep an eye out for chests. These power-ups could be anything from speed boosters to health packs. With so many players running around, you may want to look unique. As you level up, you'll unlock different items to use on your avatar.

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Kogama developed this game.


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Multiplayer online features
  • In-game shop to buy different objects


Use the WASD keys to move around, press SPACE BAR to jump. Use the K button to kill your character.