Pick up your racket and show that you are a world champion in the Tennis Open 2024! Your opponents are the best players around the globe, but you have trophies to earn. Can you beat them all and win every game?

The crowd is cheering and your rival is very dedicated to winning this game. If you want to get familiar with the game mechanics and controls, pick the Training Mode on the main menu first. You can play the game with your mouse, and it won't take too long for you to learn the controls. In a game, if you are serving, click and drag the cursor around the screen. This will move the mark on the screen and it shows where you will be throwing the tennis ball. When your rival sends the ball back, use the same technique to send the ball back to them. Whoever gets 3 points first wins a set. Whoever wins the most sets wins the game. Keep in mind that each game becomes harder as you progress through the championship. As you win games you will earn coins. These can be used to upgrade your character's stats, buy new rackets, and more. You can also earn trophies!

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Inlogic Software developed Tennies Open 2024.

Release Date

November 16, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay
  • Different stats to upgrade
  • Various rackets to buy
  • Various trophies to unlock


Use your mouse to play.