Let the adventures of Super Ninja Plumber take you to another world! Jump over cliffs, run through platforms, face various monsters, and collect all the gold to build your legacy! Explore all levels this journey offers to its players, and see where this road leads you! Let's see if you can make it to the final boss!

Open your eyes to a colorful pixel world and replay the addictive adventures of the nostalgic super brothers! In this arcade platform challenge, you must reach the end of the course by defeating all kinds of monsters, passing obstacles, jumping through pipes, and collecting gold and boosters. Do not let the objectives scare you off, get inside this world, and you will grasp it in no time! Move left and right to start exploring this fantastic realm, and jump to break your first block. You can collect coins and items throughout the game by headbutting these bricks. Collect the mushrooms to grow up in size and get extra lives. These boosters can also grant you a new type of attack power that allows you to take your enemies down from a higher range. Keep moving forward without losing any lives to reach your strongest form and destroy the final boss.

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JM Neto Game Dev developed Super Ninja Plumber.

Release Date

May 12, 2023


  • Nostalgic pixel art
  • Simple gameplay
  • Challenging enemies and platforms
  • Available on mobile devices


Use "A, D" to move, "X" to attack, and the spacebar to jump.