Do you have a big sweet tooth? Then we’re sure you’ll like the game Sugar Sugar 3 with its high sugar content! In our world, water pours down from the sky but in the world of this addictive game, white sugar crystals rain from above! Grab your cups and try to fill each of them with sugar through many challenging and fun levels!

Sugar Sugar 3 is the third game of the game series created by Bart Bonte, and it features 30 different and challenging levels for players to complete. You will have to face different obstacles in each level. As the player, your objective is to guide the sugar to the cups you see in each level by drawing lines with your mouse. These cups have numbers on them that indicate the number of sugar crystals they need to be filled. The sugar crystals will fall from the top of the screen. Keep in mind that once you draw a line, you can't erase it so plan your moves carefully and try to avoid drawing lines that can block the way to the other cups. To complete a level, you should fill all the cups. Early levels will be quite easy but as you advance through the game, levels will become more challenging. Some cups will require you to fill them with a specific color of sugar crystals. In these levels, you will see filters and you should run the crystals through these to change their color. Sometimes cups will be placed upside down and you should change gravity with the push of a button. Many challenges and different mechanics like these are waiting for you in Sugar Sugar 3. Are you ready for a sugar rush?

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Bart Bonte developed this game.


  • 30 levels to play
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • 2D graphics


Use your left mouse button to draw lines.