Gear up and save the world in Stickman Superhero! Being a superhero is not easy for sure. But one thing that adds up to the difficulty is the rivalry between the superheroes. Now, show everyone how the best you are.

In this fighting game, you need to fight for your life because the person in front of you is just another superhero. In the beginning, you will have a legendary character unlocked for you. Unlocking the other characters is up to your performance. Through fifteen levels, you will be enhancing your skills as a hero and a fighter. When you begin the fight, keep an eye on the energy indicator to see how well you’re doing in taking down your enemy or protecting yourself. The final level is full of surprises and challenges. Make sure that you get to the end and complete this adventure to prove your superhero powers.

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Developer developed Stickman Superhero.

Release Date

November 17, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

New characters to unlock

15 levels

Intuitive controls


Drag the cursor to move the character and fight the enemy.