In Stickman Jumping, become an adventurous stick figure character, and take part in the extreme activity of gliding down on a rope! We hope you're not afraid of heights because you'll be spending your time up above in the clouds in this amazing game. Tighten your grasp, and try not to look down. You can scream if you want.

As the gravity pulls you down and you glide from the rope, you can feel the wind on your face. Banish the thoughts of falling, because it's a long way from up here. Your objective in this game is to glide as far as you can by avoiding obstacles and preventing your character from falling. We don't know who built this zipline, but they made a terrible job with all the gaps on the way. You can press the SPACE BAR to jump over them. The longer you press on it the higher your character will jump. If the gaps were not concerning enough, you'll also encounter mines along the way. To dodge these, press the T key to perform a barrel roll. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the distance you've traveled. You'll lose the game if you fall from a gap or crash into mines. When you die, you can see your top 3 scores. Try to stay on the rope, and avoid the obstacles to break your record. How far do you think you can travel?

Having a big circle head, and straight lines as limbs, stickman is never afraid of extreme activities. Join him on his another adventure, Stickman Hook. Have fun!

Developer developed Stickman Jumping.

Release Date

January 28, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • An infinite challenging level


Use the SPACE BAR to jump, press the T key to turn your character.