In Stickman Briefcase, you better watch your head, because something other than the rain is pouring down from the sky! As a regular stickman, you left work and were on your way home when rockets suddenly started to fall from the skies. With no place to hide, your only chance is to protect yourself. Your metal briefcase is the perfect object to shield your head with… if you can find it!

Commuting is never fun but in Stickman Briefcase, things are getting extreme. The terrifying whistle-like sounds of the rockets fill the air, and you have to protect yourself. The game's objective is to survive the rocket rain as long as you can without dying. To play the game, you can use the arrow keys. Press the left or the right arrow key to move your character in either direction. There are 3 different types of rockets that will fall from the sky. All of them will harm you, but the two of them carry some bonuses, too. The blue rockets will drop blue gems which will fill the briefcase meter. When this meter is full, you can press the SPACE BAR to activate your briefcase and hold it over your head as a shield. It won’t last for too long: the briefcase will disappear once the meter empties. The yellow rockets will drop coins. You can use these coins to unlock different characters from the in-game shop. Each character has its own bonus stats, which will make it easier to survive. Can you unlock them all and live through the apocalypse?

Created out of some lines and a circle, the Stickman is a video game favorite. If you prefer try to make it through a different kind of disaster zone, be sure to play Stickman Vs Zombies. Have fun!


Kiz10 developed Stickman Briefcase.

Release Date

August 30, 2018


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 8 different characters to unlock
  • Addictive gameplay


Press the left and right arrow keys to move. Press the SPACE BAR to use the briefcase.