Take your Tetris skills to another level in 10x10 Winter Gems. This game presents you with the classic fun you can get from a Tetris game blended with the Christmas spirit. These radiant and cute blocks and sweet candies wait for you to be fit in the grid. So, get ready and see how many points you can get!

In this game, you will have a 10x10 grid. Within this grid, you are free to move your blocks. You can choose which block you want to use for a specific movie from the three options given underneath the grid. But you should be careful when making those choices, though. This is because you have to place the blocks very strategically to get points and not to fail the levels. When you complete a row or a column with blocks, all the blocks in that part will pop out of the grid. This will save you the space which you will need later on. Because when all the places you can place the blocks are full, you will fail the level. So, you should try to fill the empty squares in a way to complete rows and columns and go on the game. With each block that you make disappear, you will earn more points. Now, try to go as far as you can and see how many points you can get!

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Freak X Apps developed 10x10 Winter Gems.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Intuitive skills
• Challenging puzzle experience
• Radiant icons
• Addictive gameplay

You can use your mouse to drag and drop the blocks.