Step up to claim victory in the neon wars with Stick Duel: The War! Invite friends to show off your duel skills or work against the CPU to practice until the next chance! Get your share from the raining weapons, get the barriers out of the way, and shoot your enemy out of the platform!

The neon fighters are back with more platforms, even brighter colors, and a wide selection of weapon options! Unlock the arenas and weapons to have every choice under your hand, choose who you want to go against, and step onto the platform before the rain starts! You can invite a friend to share the screen and keyboard and play against each other, or stick with the offline option and play against the game bot. Whichever you choose, unlocking the arenas from the main menu would be a great addition to the game as it lets you decide on the advantages and disadvantages of the next fight's environment. Lock your eyes on the closest weapon as soon as you step onto the platform not to lose a second. Grab the weapon and start shooting. You can wait for the next weapons to fall if you run out of ammo. Good luck!

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RHM Interactive developed Stick Duel: The War.

Release Date

November 2, 2022


Bright neon theme

1P and 2P options

Unlockable locations and weapons

Addictive and fun gameplay


P1 can use "W, A, S, D" or play and "F" to shoot, and P2 can use the arrow keys to move and "L" to shoot.