Jump in your spaceship and get ready to defeat the hostile aliens on different planets in Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter! You are a trainer shooter, and only you can defeat these extraterrestrial threats. Can you complete all the levels in this action-packed game?

These aliens might have more advanced technology but they are not as resourceful as humans! Your objective in this side-scrolling adventure game is to clear each planet of the aliens. There are 6 different planets you will visit but you will unlock them one by one. Danger and hostile aliens are waiting for you on each planet. To clear a planet, you have to fight against waves of enemies, fly through dangerous caverns, and more! When you are fighting the aliens, use the SPACEBAR to shoot and the arrow keys to move around. Don't worry about the sheer numbers of the enemy. You might get shot but pay attention to the items spawning on the screen during the battle. Collect screws to repair your ship. Don't forget to grab the coins and gems as well! When in the caverns, use the UP arrow key to make your ship go up, and the SPACEBAR to shoot. To complete a planet, you have to succeed through all of its challenges. Enjoy!

Space is infinite and full of challenges and opportunities! Have you checked our other popular game, Space Rush? Have fun playing!


Crazy Pixel developed Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter.

Release Date

January 12, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 6 different planets to complete
  • 10 different spaceships to unlock


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the SPACEBAR to shoot.
  • Use the SHIFT key to use the ultimate weapon.