Stretch your muscles, runner! In the dynamic world of Sonic Dash 2, we have a long track to complete! Grab your best running shoes and keep an eye on the path that lies ahead! Don't expect a calm running session. We push things to the extreme and so you can enjoy a highly eventful experience! Join us and run, jump, dodge and dance around the many traps and obstacles. Get ready to break a sweat!

Sonic Dash 2 features a world with 3D graphics and many traps and limitations to challenge as you run through the levels. Your aim is to run as far as you can without getting killed. At first, it will be easy to plan and time your jumps and dodges. As you continue to run you will build up speed. This is where things will get more challenging. At higher speeds, you'll have a small window of opportunity to plan your moves. If things didn't go according to your plana and you find yourself stuck, you can press the K key to respawn at the beginning of the track. Apart from the main running levels, you can try different mini-games that you can find in the Sonic Dash 2. Oculus is a shooter themed mini-game where you can equip a variety of weapons and try to destroy the robots with other players. If you trust your aim, you can climb one of the sniper towers and rain bullets down to your targets silently. There is also a PVP mini-game in which you can fight against other players. The map is filled with different kinds of weapons. Flamethrowers, rockets, and lasers are just some of the available weapons you can add to your arsenal. You can also visit the shop from the main menu to buy new items that you've unlocked by playing the game. Hats, clothes, upgrades, and many more items are available for purchase!

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Kogama created this game.

Release Date

April 2017


  • Inspired by the Sonic series
  • Challenging parkour runs
  • Different traps to dodge
  • Immersive 3D graphics


Use the WASD keys to move. Use SPACE to jump. Press K to restart.