See if you are a good kicker in Soccer Free Kick! Everything is cooler on the green grass. So, see for yourself if you lit the stadium up when you kick the football. Try your best to make every kick count and hit a goal each time!

In this football game, you will solely be focusing on the free kicks. You are alone on your own and you represent your team. Before you stand a goalpost and the goalkeeper. Your aim is to hit successful goals. You have a limited number of balls at hand, so your aim is to keep on going for as many levels as you can. Don’t be surprised to see other people on the field occasionally. Some levels will be relatively easier with almost no obstacle while some levels will have multiple opponents trying to block your free kick. Now, let’s see how many levels you can keep up with until you have no kicks left!

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magnificstudios developed Soccer Free Kick.

Release Date

September 12, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Simple gameplay

• Many levels to pass

• Easy and fun gameplay


Drag the cursor to aim and release the left click to kick the ball.