In Soccer Balls 2, you continue from where you left off in the second game of the amazing series. Maneuvering the ball around the levels will be more challenging this time because your number one nemesis has recruited players from other teams to stop you. Can you show those referees that you can still get rid of them and score goals against the opposing team with ease? Prove that you are the best team in the league through multiple entertaining levels!

Get ready to face and knock the referees down with your powerful shots and perfect aim. In addition to removing referees from each level by hitting them with the football, you should also try to score goals against the opposing team in this second game. When you start, you can choose one of the 8 national teams to play. You can start right away, but if you want your rivals to remember you, you can customize the look of your team. In the team editor, decide on the style and the color of your team's outfit. You can also change their name. Once you're ready, you can start the game. Use your mouse to adjust the power and the angle of your shot, and press the left mouse button to kick the ball. Teamwork is everything! Pass the football to your teammates when your way is blocked. You have 8 balls on each level so try to complete each level without running out of them!

When you finish this game, you can try the previous title by clicking here. Have fun!


  • 8 premade teams that you can choose
  • Can create your own team
  • Can customize the look of the teams in the team editor
  • 36 challenging and fun levels


Use your mouse to play this game.