Put your hand-eye coordination skills to the test and get ready to destroy various bricks in Jinn Dash! Featuring multiple different levels, can you complete this game in one gaming session?

This jinn has magical powers, but he needs your assistance to clear the levels. To do that, you should complete the level objectives of destroying a specific amount of bricks. The gameplay is similar to brick breaker, you control a platform at the bottom of the screen and try to guide a ball to break all the bricks in a level. This may sound easy but each level comes with its own challenge. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of lives, and you will lose a life when you miss the ball and it drops down. Losing all your lives results in losing the level. There are various brick types you will encounter in this game. Some are unbreakable while some will crumble to dust upon contact. Others will require more than one hit to be broken. When you start the game, use the arrow keys to move the platform left and right. As you break bricks, some might drop boosters and power-ups. There are lots of these bonuses to acquire. For example, one of them will turn the surface of the platform sticky, so you can position the ball before throwing it again. Another bonus will turn your ball into a fireball, allowing it to pass through bricks without stopping. How many bricks can you break in this addictive game?

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Agame developed Jinn Dash.

Release Date

January 18, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay
  • Multiple different levels to complete
  • Various boosters and power-ups to earn


Use the arrow keys to control the platform.