In Soccer Balls, you won't find any goalposts and opposing players, because this game is about revenge! Ever thought that the referees make unjust decisions? It's time to show those petty men that you're not a person to be messed with! Gather your teammates, and let the game begin. No red cards are allowed in this match!

We don't know whether if this match is FIFA approved or not, but it's too late to give up. Your teammates got into their positions, and the referees are waiting for you to start the game. The game's objective is to hit every referee with the ball on every level. Soccer Balls features 32 challenging levels, each with a unique design that'll require you to plan your moves carefully. You'll encounter different obstacles that you should overcome to make the ball to hit the referees. When you start the game, choose a team from 8 different options. To play, you can use your mouse. Adjust the angle and the power of your shot, and when ready, press the left mouse button to kick the ball. On some levels, you'll be alone and have to face the referees by yourself. Sometimes your teammates will join you. You can use many different tools on some levels to help yourself. Green platforms are bouncy, and you can use these to pass the ball to your teammates. Propellers create winds which will carry the ball away. Sometimes you need to push buttons to activate these tools. Can you defeat all referees and show them the red card?

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  • 8 different teams to choose from
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 36 challenging levels


Use your mouse to play this game.