Slither through the sand to eat your enemies with Snake Island 3D! With this 3D hypercasual arena battle, you can collect the food lying on the island, hunt other players, and make them crash on you to eat your way to the top of the scoreboard! Let's get you ready for your first match!

This survival match will test your reflexes in a brand-new way! How far can you go to keep your belly full in a pit of hungry snakes? Well, this is the right place to push your limits! You can start your first match to grasp the control mechanics. Hold your character with your mouse or by tapping on the screen of your device, and slide around the move through the platform. Avoid touching other snakes at all costs! Instead, you can try to block their ways to make them crash on you. Defeated players leave lootable fruits behind; collect them to grow bigger and rise through the scoreboard. You can try to defeat all the enemies to win the battle, but there is another way: waiting for the countdown. Take your place at the top, and stay there until the clock hits zero. Buy new snakes between levels, and merge them to start matches at an advantage.

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YAD.Com developed Snake Island 3D.

Release Date

January 26, 2023


Colorful 3D graphics

Addictive quick-matches

Unlockable character skins

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.