Run as fast as you can to save your life in Hex A Mong! You are gathered with fifteen others to compete in a tournament by your spaceship crew. All you got to do is not fall off the platform you are put on. But it won't be that easy to achieve it. Are you ready to explore the rules of this tournament and try to save your life by being the winner?

In this game, you are put on a platform consisting of many hexagonal panels. You are expected to walk on the platform with a non-stop motion and not fall off the platform. The problem here is that the hexagonal panels disappear in a few seconds after being touched upon. This means not only the panels you step on will disappear, but also the panels around you will be dissolving because the others are also strolling around endlessly. But don't worry, the platform is a three-storey platform on which you will be safe falling three times if you accidentally step on a dissolved panel. Eventually, though, you will run out of panels and will find yourself on the final platform. At this point, your aim is to be the last-standing one to stay on the lowest platform. Only when your rivals all fall off that platform, will you win the tournament. Don't forget that you can jump a little over a panel with your space key, too. Now, get ready to try to be the sole winner of this space tournament and not fall into the endless space vacuum!

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Hihoy developed Hex A Mong.

Release Date
November 26, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Addictive and competitive gameplay
• Intuitive controls
• Various skins

You can use the arrow keys of your computer to move your character and the space key to jump.