Join the worm arena with Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone! Grow by eating other worms and stickers, search for special boosters, and stay alive as the circle tightens! Follow and complete quests between the games to earn gold and gems! Let's get you ready for your first match!

You will love the variety of modes and customization options of this game! The main survival rule is the same for every mode: eat everything you can and avoid hitting other players. The first mode gives you five minutes to get to the top, the second mode is an infinite battle where you try to overwhelm the other players with your weight, and the third mode is a race for more gems. In all three modes, the arena shrinks with time, killing everything outside the walls. Bigger worms might try to surround you or accelerate and block your path, forcing you to crash into them. These crashes disqualify the player and turn them into worm food for the survivors to eat. Defeat other worms, reach new weights, and complete special quests to earn more. Unlock new food and character skins, upgrade your worm's stats, and become unstoppable! Do not forget to check daily for prizes!

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Wild Spike developed Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone.

Release Date

October 18, 2022


Funny character skins

Customization options

Upgradable features

Boosters and rewards

Addictive game modes


You can use your mouse to play this game.