Pop the smiley bubbles of SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter to have a great time! Aim and shoot smiley heads to the groups to clean out the levels! Enjoy the fun vibe of the joyful theme and tens of levels of challenge! Hit the start button and direct your focus on the screen of your device as the smileys come in!

You will get addicted to the positive aura and fun levels of this Bubble Shooter masterpiece! Stop whatever you are doing and let the game steal your heart with a smile! Pass levels to discover the streets of SmileyWorld and improve your aiming skills! Hit the start button to start from the easiest level and warm up to the game! Follow the quests and collect the items by shooting bubbles. You can only make the bubbles drop by shooting them with the same-colored bubbles. Make successful moves to unlock the smiley booster on the right and activate it to shoot a super smiley to clean a small area. You use lives to retry a failed level, but do not worry if you run out of lives; they will refill in a short time. Discover the fantastic world of Smileys by completing quests and passing levels!

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SmileyWorld developed SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

Release Date

September 13, 2022


A unique and fun theme

Funny faces as characters

Tens of levels

Lives and boosters

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game. Click or tap and hold to aim, and release to shoot.