You are invited to Royal Couple Halloween Party as the royal stylist! Help two beautiful princesses and their boyfriends have the best costumes at the palace's Halloween party! Choose themes, unlock accessories, and put two couples in the most eye-catching and fabulous costumes for this spooky night!

Halloween is not over until we say so! The princesses cannot get enough of these horror-themed parties they throw at the palace, and they want to close the season with a glamorous one. You can follow the couples to their dressing rooms and choose the best couple costumes they can attend with. Both couples have their own outfit and accessories selections, and you are more than welcome to try all combinations! Start with the first couple and choose the princess's hat and weapon. You can switch to her boyfriend by clicking on the icon on the right. Check out the costumes and choose a theme to go with. Unlock the glasses by watching a short ad and get access to all your options. When you are done, you can move on to the next couple. Follow the same steps with the little princess and her boyfriend, and compare the looks of the couples of the night!

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Cutedressup developed Royal Couple Halloween Party.

Release Date

October 25, 2022


Fun for all ages

Two couples with a total of four characters

Fun costume options

Unlockable accessories

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.