Sharpen your arrows and get ready to hit the bull’s eye in Archery 2! Bring out the sportsperson in you because you will have a challenging couple of rounds in this aiming game.

Here you are, in the middle of an open-air archery arena. You will begin the game by choosing your character first. Later, you have the chance to choose one from the endless mode or one of the levels. At each level, you will have a task of multiple steps to complete like three balloons to pop in three steps. You will have a limited number of arrows, so be sure to take aim very carefully. In the endless mode, you can explore still and even moving targets and play around with them to get as many points as you can. Don’t forget that you will be earning points that can be spent on unlocking new archery items!

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2Play developed Archery 2.

Release Date

November 14, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Need for aiming and shooting skills

Arrows to unlock

Multiple character skins to choose from


You can click left to shoot and drag the cursor to aim.