Give your driving skills a workout with the challenging racing modes of Burnout Night Racing! Buy luxurious racing cars and customize them for races to win with style! Unlock new challenges by completing the ones you have, earn prizes, and see how far you can get in the world of underground street races!

Sprint, circuit, drift, time bomb, and more! This game will challenge you with all types of races you can ever think of. Take a walk through the garage before getting on the streets. See all the options waiting for you, check their prices, and choose which cars you want. Now you can race to buy your dream car. There are five main race types you can choose from. In sprint mode, you try to get to the finish line before your opponent. In circuit mode, you must complete a few laps on the same route. Drift mode is about breaking drift scores and reaching a goal. Time bomb mode sets you against a countdown, while in the knockout mode, the first player to wreck the enemy car wins. Find which mode you are the best at, and focus on that to make money. Practice to get better and master all modes!

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Developer developed Butnout Night Racing.

Release Date

January 5, 2023


Good 3D graphics

5 racing modes

Simple controls

Unlockable options and customizations


You can use the arrow keys to move and the left shift to use the nitro boost.