Roll and bounce through dangerous forests to find your companions and save them with Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball! The natives kidnapped all your friends; someone must step in to save them! Can you pass and disarm all their traps, cross rivers, jump over cliffs, and be there in time to set your fellows free?

You can never know what horrors lurk in the shadows of this forest. Wild animals, natives, booby traps; each step must be taken carefully. Fortunately, you are a true professional with enough experience to walk (or roll) through this forest and save everyone before they become dinner! You can use the arrow keys or the buttons on the screen to start roaming through the woods. Jump on enemies to banish them. You can do the same with the cages to break them and release your friends. Push boxes around to put them on buttons and activate contraptions. Watch out for unstable passages and bridges; they can easily tilt to the sides, making you fall into the water. Collect all gold coins lying on your way and use them at the game shop between levels to unlock new character skins for your ball. Keep passing the stages to take your friends back!

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Bin Studio developed Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball.

Release Date

February 28, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Tens of unlockable skins
  • Fun and exciting storyline
  • Lucky spin and other bonus gifts


You can use the arrow keys to play.