Explore your speed limits on a huge map with sports fields, parkour tracks, and construction sites with ROD Multiplayer Car Driving! There are so many minigames and surprise gifts ahead of you! Let's get you to the garage and create your first online game room to invite other players to races!

Welcome to a dream city built just for racing! Before getting out on the streets, you can enter the garage, check out the speed machines waiting for you, and take a look at the customization options. You can enter a game lobby and find others to play with, or you can practice in the singleplayer mode. Whichever you choose, ready yourself for the shiny city waiting out there. There are jobs placed at certain points around the city. You must be at a certain minimum speed when you reach them to get the prize. Find the airport and try out the parkour ramps. You can also place ramps individually anytime and anywhere you want with just one touch. Master your driving skills in singleplayer and become a legend in the multiplayer races! Try tricks and stunts, wreck your luxurious car freely, and find the hidden moneybags!

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Inspector Studios developed ROD Multiplayer Car Driving.

Release Date

November 1, 2022


Impressive 3D graphics with menu options

Simple controls with a realistic driving experience

A big city map with fun tracks

Surprise prizes

Unlockable vehicles

Singleplayer and multiplayer modes


You can use the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D" to move, "R" to reset your car, "T" to place a ramp, and the spacebar for brakes.