If you think all unicorns are innocent, sparkle, and emit rainbows, then get ready for a twist, because Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal is here. In this game, there is no place for rainbows and butterflies and other cuteness! Take control of a fiery robot unicorn and dash through the levels as you destroy everything in your path. Once the robot unicorn starts running, only death can stop it! How long can you keep this majestic creature running before it dies?

A nightmarish world filled with dangers awaits you in Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal. As the player, you take control of a powerful and robotic unicorn and try to complete the objective of running as far as you can without dying. This unicorn is very different from the ones you’ve heard about in fairy tales. With its fiery mane, metal legs, and jets, it looks like it belongs in somebody’s nightmare! With such traits, this unusual main character has extraordinary skills. These skills will help you with your objective as you face many different challenges. The unicorn is constantly on the run and all you have to is direct it in when to jump or perform its special dash of death. To jump, press the Z key, but not all platforms are easy to reach in this hellish world so a simple jump will not always be enough. While in the air, press the Z key again to double jump to make your unicorn land on its hooves safely. Sometimes you’ll encounter totems that you have to destroy. To do this, you can use the X key and perform the dash of death and show that a flame-maned unicorn is not a creature to be messed with.

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Adult Swim Games developed Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal.

Release Date



  • A robot unicorn as a main character
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Endless level


Press the Z key to jump and press it again while in the air to perform a double jump. Press the X key for the dash of death ability!