Get your feet ready to kick the ball in Real Football Challenge! Alone or together with your teammates, you should rock the stadium and hit goals one after another. So, now jump on the field and light the stadium up!

In this football game, you need to bring out the kicker in you to aim well and shoot right in the football post. All you need is to observe your position as the player well and drag the cursor to set your kick’s direction and power. Sometimes you will be alone against the opponent players but sometimes you will be playing alongside your teammates to win the round. You can pass the ball to your fellow players or hit the goalpost directly. There are 16 levels of unique gameplay for you to position differently and try to hit a goal. So, warm up and try your best to unlock all the levels in this game!

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Gameloft SE developed Real Football Challenge.

Release Date

November 07, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• 16 levels

• Intuitive controls

• Unique match atmosphere at each level


Click left and drag the cursor to set the kick's direction and power.