Rabbids Wild Race welcomes you to the most chaotic of races between white balls of fur using jetpacks. If you think this sounds crazy you should see them on the act! You will be using magnets to collect gold, jumping on other players just because you can, and still looking fluffy and cute all the while. Put on your jetpack, wear your bunny ears, and join us!

Look to the upper right corner of your screen to see how many players are still in the race. You might want to check it once in a while because you will be losing fellow Rabbids on the way. Don’t worry though, it will only help you as you are trying to be the only survivor of the race. Avoid the electric traps mid-air and evil Rabbids with flamethrowers, they can kill with only one hit. Collect gold coins and stars and unlock the cutest outfits, hats, and accessories for your furry friend, or save your earnings and watch short ads for new additions to your style. You can also create games or join the games your friends created to play with them!

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Ubisoft developed Rabbids Wild Race.

Release Date

February 14, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Funny and cute character design

Lots of accessories and clothes to unlock

Easy to play


You can use your spacebar to jump and keep pressing to stay up.