Show your strength with Pull'em All! From holy swords to ingrown hairs, you are born to take the challenges to pull everything anyone else cannot! Work your muscles, watch for your back, and keep your character's bones safe while getting him stronger! Upgrade your stats and income, and keep up with the rising difficulty of your missions!

Everyone has a mission in this life. Some people are born to save lives, some are thinkers, and some are teachers. You, my friend, are born to pull things out of places they do not belong. You can take out everything you put your hands on, from rotten teeth to sunken treasure chests. No success comes without consequences, though. You must keep your back muscles safe while doing your job. Do not let your character get red, or you will lose all progress. Just wait until he catches his breath, and start pulling again. You can also tap or click repeatedly, but it might take longer than the usual pull-and-wait tactic. You earn gold for every second you pull; use that money to upgrade your character's strength, stamina, and income. Unlock pets and skins, and add some style to your character!

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2Play developed Pull'em All.

Release Date

October 17, 2022


Funny and creative, level themes

Addictive gameplay

Unlockable skins and pets

Character upgrades

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.