In Princesses at School of Magic, the two princesses, Rachel and Ellie, need some help while preparing for the School of Magic! They both received an acceptance letter from the school and need to collect their stuff before going to school. Can you help them prepare for school? Enjoy playing!

Just like Harry Potter, the princesses received an acceptance letter from the magic school! And they are too excited to get ready for it! That's why you need to help them! If you are ready for this mission, start the game by clicking on the play button! Your first job to do is to find the items in the living room such as her phone, wizard hat, keys, stick, and necklace. After you collect all the items from the living room. She can finally go to school. There they will come across each other! They don't know that they are accepted at the same magic school! Now you have 2 jobs to do! Rachel and Ellie need some help dressing up appropriately for school. You should choose their uniforms, accessories, and matching shoes. They found out late that their personal stuff must be packed quickly. So, lets help them achieve their essential things in this dress up game and to choose an outfit that should fit their new school! Have fun playing!

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Racz Ioan Paul II developed Princesses at School of Magic.

Release Date

September 27, 2016


  • Dress up game
  • Various dress options to choose
  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Addictive and entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.