In Princess Wardrobe Perfect Date 2, our cute ice princess needs your help to put on the best look for her big date! Like every other royal member, she has so many clothes, accessories, and shoes in her huge wardrobe. That is why she cannot choose the best fitting ones and need the assistance of an expert. Can you drop all your works to be done and try your best to help her?

What an exciting day today! Our little princess decided to see her date tonight. But she is really nervous because she has no idea what to wear. If you are ready, let's take a look at the wardrobe, then. Click on the play button to start the game and wait for the numerous options to select the best ones. Start with choosing an eye color for her and apply the makeup tools according to her eye color. Click on the check button situated at the right bottom corner of the screen to proceed to the dress-up part. You can start with any category you'd like and pass to the others to complete her outfit. Once you click on an item, you cannot undo it, but change it with another item in the same category. Click on the check button one last time, and enjoy your creation!

If you want to see the first date adventure of our princess, then be sure to check Princess Wardrobe Perfect Date.


Racz Ioan Paul II developed this game.

Release Date

April 13, 2017


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 2 stages to complete
  • Dress-up and make-up parts to enjoy
  • Fashion inspiring gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.