In Prince Romper Squad, summer is back in town! Do you know what that means? It means it's time to change our closet and welcome shorts and all these colorful outfits that make us feel like summer is truly here! And this time, our handsome princes want to try out this new crazy fashion trend. Do you think you can help them out?

The sun is up and the summer is here. It's time to go out there and claim the world as your own. While you do that, it's always nice to look awesome and trendy! And that's what our boys are after! They want to try out this new fashion trend and wear rompers. But still, we don't really know that much about fashion, so we thought we should ask you! Are you up for the challenge? Your objective is to choose a romper for each of these princes and make sure they look like Greek gods. All you need is your mouse to play this game. Just click on the buttons to see what we have in store for you. We have a lot of rompers in different colors. You can even find ones with prints on them. We leave the choice to you since you know best! You need to combine them with sneakers or loafers and choose accessories to complete the look. You can even use a special serum to make them grow a beard and style it. Have fun playing!

It's not only princesses that need your help. More of our princes also await your help in or collection of online girls games .Enjoy!


DressUpWho developed Prince Romper Squad.

Release Date

June 12, 2017.


  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • 4 boys to dress up


Use your mouse to play this game.