Do not let any obstacles stand in your crew's way with Rainbow Tsunami! Gathering a crowd has never been as satisfying! Combine forces with friends to save more people, and add them to your group to improve your power further with this addictive and endless run!

Control the fates of your team and stand against creepy rainbows with one control command in this game. Save lives, expand your group, and use the power of your number to break great machines to get your people under them. Lead your people by holding your hat and showing them the way; they copy your every move! Hold to jump, and you can see your followers do the same with a slight delay. Dodge the bombs and other traps; they cost you a friend upon interaction. Keep your party safe, and do not let the obstacles bring you down. The rainbows are waiting for your first mistake to kidnap your friends. Watch out for their attacks and direct them at the taps to open new paths for your team. Get further with each try and break new records together! Get challenged by different tracks at each game, adapt to changes, and master this infinite run!

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Developer developed Rainbow Tsunami.

Release Date

February 16, 2023


  • Rainbow characters!
  • Addictive and infinite gameplay
  • Unlockable boosters and hats
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.