Popstar Trivia is here to test your knowledge of pop music artists! Be ready for the biggest challenge. You really need to be fast in this game! Let's find out how many popstars you will guess or know! Good luck!

This game seems really easy, but the real challenge is that you need to be as fast as you can. You will have only 5 seconds to answer the question. This is a classic quiz game, but this time your objective is to name the singer based on a picture. If you feel ready, click on the play button on the main menu right now and start the most awesome guess the singer trivia quiz to prove that you are a real music expert! You will face 15 questions and you have 5 seconds to answer. There are 4 options for each question to choose from. You can use your mouse to choose the correct answer. When you finish answering all the questions, the game will tell you your fan level. You can follow your remaining time at the right top of the screen and follow the question number in the middle. Are you ready to prove your expertise in music? Turn up your favorite song and start the most exciting trivia game to learn your popstar knowledge level! Have fun!

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Agame developed Popstar Trivia.

Release Date

May 3, 2017


  • Music knowledge
  • 15 questions to answer
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Addictive and entertaining game


You can use your mouse to play this game.