Hold on tight to your gun in Poppy Dungeons! You are surrounded by enemies, and it seems like they won’t stop until they bring you down. So, fight off and work hard to run to your freedom. Are you ready for the war of your life?

You are left all alone in the middle of a gloomy dungeon. You only have your aiming skills and yourself to trust. This means anyone you see today in this dungeon is an enemy to shoot at. If you fail to bring down your enemies, they will shoot you. So, make sure to always be alert and keep an eye on who will pop in front of you. You can drag the on-screen joystick to move your character through the corridors of the dungeon. Apart from many armed men, your boss enemy will be the huggy wuggy monster. Keep on shooting it until you can eliminate it and get your key for the escape from the dungeon. Don’t miss out on collecting your coins to upgrade your skills and weapons, too. Now, focus on shooting your enemies for 15 levels to earn your freedom!

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TapTapking.com developed Poppy Dungeons.

Release Date

April 01, 2022


• 3D spooky graphics

• Gloomy dungeon atmosphere

• Weapons to collect

• Challenging enemies

• Automatic aiming and shooting


You can drag the cursor around the screen joystick to move the character.