Get ready to fly high with Plane Racing Madness! You are introduced to a crazy world where you could fly anywhere you like. Jump on your plane and get ready for a crazy adventure!

Here is a realistic 3D game that will take you up in the sky. Through a series of high-resolution realistic environments, you will fly your plane to complete the tasks of the levels. There are three main game modes. Challenge yourself in the championship mode, freely stroll around in the arcade mode or race against time in the time trial mode. For each mode, you can among a rich selection of planes. Upon choosing your plane, go for one of the realistic tracks that will each take you to a totally different environment. Unlock more tracks and planes with each successful flight and race. You can either go solo or have a versus with a friend from the same computer. Now, get your place and enjoy the sky!

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TastyCherryGames developed Plane Racing Madness.

Release Date

July 05, 2022


• 3D realistic graphics

• Customizable plane features

• Different camera views

• Various engaging tracks with an amazing view

• Championship, arcade, and time trial modes


You can use the arrow keys to fly the plane. Use the space key for power-ups. Press the N key to change the camera view. Use the X key to have a booster. You can use the breaks with the C key.