Can you jump your way through the pines in Parkour Block Xmas Special? You have tens of pines before you, and all you need to do is take careful steps not to fall to the ground. Now jump from side to side between these pines and have firm steps when you finally land on one branch of them!

In this first-person view game with pixeled graphics, you should successfully jump among the pines. It may seem easy without any enemies or further interventions. Still, the fact that you have a first-person point of view makes it harder to find your balance. Since you can't see your steps, you need to have a good instinct of where you aim at. Of course, at this point, the stick in your hand helps you in aiming at where you'll jump next. Just be careful, act slowly and check your view at each step. You have no time limit whatsoever in this game, but if you fall to the snowy ground, you will need to start the game from the beginning. Now take your place and be ready to jump through snowy pines of pixels!

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Poly Games developed Parkour Block Xmas Special.

Release Date
December 07, 2021

• Vintage-looking colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Challenging and intuitive controls
• First-person view

You can use your cursor to fix the view and the space key to jump.