Finding a parking spot in the city can be quite a difficult task. Especially during the rush hour! Sitting beside the driver is fun and pleasant, but the real challenge lies in getting behind the steering wheel and taking control of the vehicle. Do you want to challenge your valet skills and experience the thrill of maneuvering various vehicles through the traffic to reach the parking bay? Do you trust your maneuvering and sharp reflexes? Then Parking Mania is just the game for you with its fast-paced gameplay and various interesting levels to test your prowess in parking and car driving.

The driver's seat is your throne! As the player, your objective is to take your vehicle to the designated parking spot. Follow the pointers and try to reach the parking bay without crashing your car. You'll have 5 lives in each level, and with each accident you'll lose a life, so be careful. Keep your eyes on your surroundings! There might be an extra life token hidden in some levels waiting to be claimed. Along with extra lives, you can also collect the gold coins scattered around the levels to earn a medal, but this is an optional feature of the game. Not every vehicle you'll control will be a flashy sports car. In some levels, you have to drive lorries, trucks, jeeps, taxis and even mini cars! As you progress through the levels, you'll have to navigate through traffic to enter the parking area. And occasionally, you have to park more than just one car! Can you prove your parking prowess and get 5 stars in every challenge and become the talk of the parking compound?

Parking a car may be a stressful effort in real life but not in Parking Mania! With its 50 different levels and challenges, you'll have a blast as you complete each level! If you’re enjoying your time at the steering wheel, be sure to check out our other car games as well!


Parking Mania was developed by Chillingo.

Release Date

October 2013


  • A variety of cars to drive
  • 50 levels to complete
  • Can earn medals by collecting coins
  • Available on multiple platforms


Use WASD or the arrow keys to control the car.