Connect the spooky images and spend your Halloween improving your puzzle skills with the fun levels of Halloween Collect! Collect the ingredients needed for your spells, get extra time bonuses by making move combos, and push your limits further with each level! Let's get you ready for your first puzzle!

Autumn is the best season to awaken your inner potion master and improve your cauldron game! This harvest is a must for every witch and wizard, from beginners to high sorcerers. This puzzle includes all the crucial ingredients for your nature potions, shape-shifting recipes, and deadly curses. The only downside is the time limit, and it is nothing you cannot handle. The components of your next masterpiece are just a click away from you! Hold an item with your mouse, and drag along the screen through identical items. You must connect at least three items to collect them. Follow the recipe at the top of the game board, and get all the ingredients before the time runs out. You can get extra seconds by matching bigger amounts of items. Keep up with the growing grocery list of headstones and eyeballs, get them all to keep your potion business running, and test your limits!

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Developer developed Halloween Collect.

Release Date

October 26, 2022


Fun brain gymnastics!

Halloween-themed cartoon images

Time-limited levels

Increasing challenge

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.