Bring some tidiness to your life in Pair Up! Some things are always better with a pair, like a good old pair of socks and any other thing you need in your life. So why not turn this into a puzzle and ace it?

In this skill game, you will be given a pile of scattered random objects that you need to pair up with their identicals to remove them from wherever they keep untidy. All you need is to drag one item and then its identical pair on top of the platform so that they will disappear into the void. You will have a theme like a donut shop for each level and a certain time limit you need to fit your tidying into. The more successful levels you will have, the better your chance to get into the next title will be with the stars you collect. Don’t forget that there will be multiple mini-games to spice up the gameplay. You can unlock games like the math game or the word game by earning enough stars. Now, get into work and enjoy the satisfaction of keeping up with your to-do list!

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tiplay studio developed Pair Up.

Release Date

January 03, 2023


Colorful 2D graphics

Multiple levels with different themes

Increasing status with the earned stars

Mini-games to unlock


Click on the items and drag them on the platform to pair them up.