Build your oil company and run the world with Oil Tycoon 2! Start with a limited budget and build your kingdom in the middle of the ocean. Control the most widely used energy of the world. Employ more workers, upgrade your branches, and improve your income per second. Invest in the right order and watch your company grow!

You are a small company with low income, interns for employees, and one base. To keep your earnings stable without having to click (although you can earn faster by clicking) you have to improve your first field at the given region of the world. As you have a limited budget, the best you can do at this level is upgrade that station and keep clicking to earn enough for the next upgrade. A passive income is how you keep earning after going offline. The game will show you how to boost that. With every level up, you will get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune and get a random prize. These prizes can be a great help in improving your stats. Achieve your objectives to level up faster. Evolve this new company into the biggest fish in the ocean!

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Holy Cow Studio developed Oil Tycoon 2.

Release Date

February 16, 2022


Relaxing and colorful theme

Addictive gameplay

Easy to play

Rewarding business system

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.