Pop the bubbles in the wide ocean in Ocean Bubble Shooter! A classic bubble shooter game with a splash of ocean water could be even more fun than you can imagine. Open your mind to see the best ways to pop the pearl-like bubbles now!

You have groups of pearls in different and lively colors like purple, yellow, red, and turquoise. These pearls are waiting to be popped as in the fashion of a classic bubble shooter game. As the game goes on, there will be more waves of pearls coming. At this point, you aim to pop the pearls so as not to run out of space. You can pop a group of pearls by throwing a new pearl the same color as them on top of the group. You can see which pearl you have in the upcoming move from the oyster. You can drag the oyster with the cursor to set your aim. Make use of the bonuses like the explosive bomb to fasten your gameplay!

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BestGamesFreePlay.com developed Ocean Bubble Shooter.

Release Date

September 20, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Addictive and relaxing bubble shooter gameplay

• Bonuses scattered through the levels

• Easy controls


Drag the cursor to set the aim and release the left click to throw the pearls.